ATV/UTV Routes & Boat Landings
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ATV/UTV Routes & Boat Landings

Residents & Guests in Northern Oconto County, WI
The 7 Towns (Brazeau, Breed, Mountain, Riverview, Doty, Lakewood, & Townsend) following discussion among their respective Chairpersons, unanimously agreed to keep Town ATV/UTV Routes(Roads) open to ATV/UTV usage despite the fact that the USFS will not be reopening their ATV/UTV trails until further notice. The Towns expect compliance with all current CDC guidelines, most importantly social distancing and small groups. Roads may be used as "to and from", not consistent back and forth as if they are a trail. Any Town, at any time, can rescind their participation if problems arise.
6 of the 7 Towns have agreed to keep their Town-owned boat landings open. The Town of Doty has chosen to close their Star Lake Boat Landing, as all other landings in their Town are owned and are closed by the USFS.
The 7 Towns will continue to monitor the use of ATV/UTV Routes(Roads) and Boat Landings in their respective Towns and may modify the status for use and access at any time without prior notice.
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