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The Town of Lakewood Regular Town Boad Meeting for June will be hel on
Monday, June 17, 2024 at 7:00PM.  at the Lakewood Administrative Office.
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Our Communities

DOTY - The Town of Doty is located in the northern portion of Oconto County, entirely within the boundary of the Nicolet National Forest. The town encompasses an area of approximately 54 square miles or 34,745 acres.

The Town of Doty is comprised of pristine surface waters and forests that are well preserved, establishing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in a safe environment. Doty Town residents, supported by the Town Board and Town Plan Commission, direct growth and development in a way that allows the Town to maintain its unique character and quality of life, thus making the Town an ideal place to visit and reside. Land use policies create a system of well-planned, orderly development. New development is limited and carefully guided so that the landscape remains uncluttered and the environment protected. The Town protects its scenic and natural areas from development impacts so that current and future generations can enjoy the unique wildlife, clean waters, and wooded trails that epitomize the community.

We’re proud of our Town. Come and join us. Fish, hike, swim, boat, bike, hunt, snowshoe and cross country ski. And, enjoy our trails for snowmobiling and with your ATV. Take care of our backyard…we like it here.

RIVERVIEW - The Town of Riverview lies in northeastern Wisconsin, its’ boundaries touching 3 other Towns in northern Oconto County, the Towns of Mountain, Doty and Lakewood. Riverview is a double township, with 800+ permanent residents and 1700+ taxpayers for the 2500 tax parcels. Riverview lies within the heart of the Nicolet National Forest which encompasses 71% of the Town’s land mass. The Town is rich in natural resources—22 lakes, the largest being Maiden, Paya & Crooked Lake; North Branch of the Oconto River and the First South Branch Oconto River; Hay and Hines Creek; the McCaslin Brook; Wetlands; Woodlands (70% of public land); and the forest. Many of the streams in the Town are considered class I, II, and III trout streams. Abundant opportunities exist for largemouth bass, blue-gill, northern pike, and trout. The abundance of lakes, rivers, and streams located within the Town also provide the public with water based recreational activities such as fishing, canoeing, swimming, motor boating and personal watercraft, etc.

The forest provides other recreational activities along with vast wildlife and wilderness opportunities for the public to enjoy. The Oconto County Recreational Trail runs parallel to Highway 32 through the Town allowing individuals to view the scenic beauty within the forest. The trail can be used for biking horseback riding, ATVs and snowmobiles. The trail extends into Michigan but various trail systems intersect the rec trail with loops of adventure keeping the outdoor enthusiasts in the local area, closer to their home base.

The Town of Riverview welcomes all visitors with interests in outdoor sports in any of the four seasons. The residents are friendly and accommodating. Local organizations embrace the diversity of the visitors. Events are planned to please the various interests and are based on family fun. We all look forward to meeting you and your family during your next visit.

MOUNTAIN - It was 1870, when the logging industry in northern Wisconsin began moving farther inland from the bay to find new forest areas to cut. As the movements continued, small communities began to develop along the rivers to serve the needs of the logging industry. In 1877, in the town then known as Armstrong, it was one of these places that the community of Mountain had its beginning. As time passed, more of the large lumbering companies moved into the area resulting in the railroad being built in 1889, which then brought more business to the community. In the early 1900's after the forests were no longer able to support the logging industries, Mountain shifted from a logging community to an area interested in developing farms and businesses. Also during the early 1900's the large Town of Armstrong was divided up into three smaller towns named Doty, Riverview, and Armstrong. In August of 1997, the town name of Armstrong was changed to the present day name of Mountain. Today, the Town of Mountain is a community that contains many seasonal residents. The forests along with the town's various lakes and streams cater to the many tourists and recreational enthusiast that frequent the waters.

The Town of Mountain presently encompasses an area of 72 square miles, or 46,473 acre's and is located in the northern portion of Oconto County. Approximately 35,336 acres of land in the town are part of the Nicolet National Forest. Mountain is an unincorporated community located at the crossroads of State Highway 32 64 and County Highway W.

LAKEWOOD - Lakewood is in the heart of the Chequamegon/Nicolet National Forest in Oconto County. Lakewood is home to approximately 800 residents, influenced by artisans, and has some very interesting upnorth shopping to explore. It is also on the Nicolet Trail, the main multi-use trail for ATV’s and snowmobiles; and is home to the Lakewood Cross Country Ski Trail and Bass Lake Recreational Area.

TOWNSEND - The Town of Townsend was named after railroad agent Charles Townsend in 1897 and formally established in 1916. The township was originally a composite of three tiny settlements: Unity Center, Johnson Siding and Coleville. It was home to lumberjacks, homesteaders, and small business owners who catered to their needs. For the next seven decades, Townsend was the poorest township in Oconto County, struggling to survive as it weathered Prohibition, the Great Depression, two world wars, and an ever-changing economic landscape.

Gritty and resourceful, the residents reinvented Townsend again and again amid turbulent economic and demographic changes. Logging was replaced by agriculture, which was subsequently supplanted by tourism as the town's main economic base. By the late 1980s, Townsend became a very desirable and affordable retirement community. Today it has the second highest assessed valuation in the county.

Townsend boasts some of the most pristine forests, best recreational lakes, and finest ATV and snowmobile trails in the Northwood’s. These factors result in a population that is 65% seasonal. The one in three folks who live here permanently proudly point to Townsend's friendly merchants, efficient government, reliable protective services, and energetic community spirit as the traits that create the reasons to be here in all four seasons. With local restaurants serving delicious food at reasonable prices, and the biggest 4th of July fireworks display in the Northwoods, Townsend is a great place to visit and an even better place to live.
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